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Below are a few testimonies from physicians who have visited Ortho Rehab for their personal physical therapy needs and experienced our “best demonstrated clinical practice” firsthand.

I came into Ortho Rehab because of severe right shoulder pain, an inability to raise my hand above my head, and a tingling sensation down my right arm to the hand. I was told the pain was originating from my shoulder. However, after an evaluation by my physical therapist, we found the origin of the pain was from my neck. My physical therapist used specific hands-on techniques and exercises to alleviate my pain and achieve full function of my right arm.

– Dr. H.B., Little Rock, Arkansas

I was moving furniture and felt a “pop” and a sharp pain sensation in the middle part of the low back. I could not straighten up and was shifted to the right. I tried rest, medications, and ice for a few days and the pain did not cease. The physical therapist at Ortho Rehab diagnosed me with a meniscoid entrapment. After four treatment sessions I could straighten up all the way and had no pain.

– Dr. R.J., Little Rock, Arkansas