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What is Physical Therapy?

Functional recovery from physical injury seems simple. “Get strong again”, and “get flexible again” is all it takes, right? Unfortunately, it’s usually not that simple.

Injury recovery really means tissue recovery. What is tissue recovery?

Tissue recovery is the process by which your body begins to grow new cells that eventually become bone, muscle, cartilage, or ligament. That process can either occur relatively efficiently (quickly), or very inefficiently (slowly…if ever).

Tissue recovery occurs when proper stress or strain from outside your body, applied through an activity such as exercise, stimulates cellular growth. As cells grow, they adjoin to form bone, muscle, etc. If the stress or strain is applied correctly, and in a timely manner, tissue recovery is quick and predictable. On the other hand, if too much stress or strain occurs (exercise or therapy that is too difficult), or if too little stress or strain occurs (exercise or therapy that isn’t challenging enough), then inefficient, slow tissue recovery occurs, and the impairment of a physical injury seems to drag on forever!